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Convert User app to System app and vice versa

Android 4.1+ Supported

How to Convert User app to system app ???

Android 4.1+ Supported Method

I use this method only when I have to convert just a single app. You need to have any file explorer with root permissions, I use ES File Explorer

To convert a user app to system app:

  1. Go to /data/app or wherever your user application is installed.
  2. Cut the apk file of the application you want to convert to system app.
  3. Go to /system/app and paste the file there.
  4. Long press the apk file and click Permissions.
  5. Set the permissions as rw-r--r--, if you don't know what they are set them as I have done in the screenshots I have attached.

To convert a system app to user app:

  1. Go to /system/app and locate the system file you want to convert.
  2. Move the file to /data/app.
  3. Change the permissions to /data/app and reboot.
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